Best Dim Mak Pressure Points
To Use Today: Evolution Of The Ancient Art Of Pressure Point Fighting for Self Defence

This section explains the best dim mak self defence pressure points to use today in our modern society. You'll learn about how some ancient points have been replaced with other points that are more effective for us to use today.

Best dim mak pressure points stomach 9 point application Grandmaster Pier Tsui-PoOne of the best dim mak pressure points is Stomach 9, point application shown by Grandmaster Pier Tsui-Po

In your study of pressure points, it is important for you to know that in the past few decades, some ancient pressure points have been replaced with others more effective for our modern society. So if you've come across some books that just give a list of ancient points, be very careful.

Centuries ago, senior masters of Chinese martial arts developed the art and science of deadly pressure point fighting. Since then, various graduates of the Shaolin martial arts temple have categorised one set of 108 dim mak pressure points. These were made up of two groups: 72 points that caused unconsciousness or temporary paralysis and 36 that could kill.

There were also other sets of points that have not been disclosed openly to the public; they have been reserved for trusted and long time disciples of some kung fu Masters. I teach these points in my programmes.

So do these ancient pressure points share the same adverse effect when struck on today's human body?

Dim mak pressure point fighting and healing has not and is not, a stagnated art. Much has changed since these ancient masters categorised the points: dim mak study has evolved to meet the changes.

With the advent of modern medicine and technology, and a greater understanding of the human body and how it functions, the effects of trauma to some points can be treated in hospitals and by doctors. Where once a blow or strike would guarantee death, or permanent and serious injury and illness, now some of these symptoms can be alleviated with modern medicine and treatment.

In addition, people are stronger these days, our immune systems have adapted to deal with a wider range of diseases, illnesses and injuries, and each successive generation becomes stronger mentally, physically and emotionally.

While this is great news for the human race, it means that the effectiveness of a pressure point as an injury point may have shifted-- not the location of the point itself, just its effects on the mental and physical aspects of the body.

Pressure point Kidney 1 Yong Quan is a perfect example

Dim mak pressure point Kidney 1 Yong Quan

Some ancient points used for self defence are no longer useful as they used to be. Pressure point Kidney 1 Yong Quan located on the sole of the feet (photo on the right) is a perfect example. This ancient death point is now more useful as a healing point. I offer a full and detailed discussion about this point in my book Two Dragons of Dim Mak.

A few adjustments to the list of pressure points have been made over the last few decades. It pays to know them.

So... an ancient death point may now be more effective in causing injury or it may have a greater use as a healing point rather than a target for self defence.

By the way, similar situation applies to the locations of pressure points. Click here to learn about how to find the locations of pressure points quickly and accurately.

In all my books and DVDs, I teach a special method that I’ve formulated to help you find the location of pressure points quickly and easily.

The current training regime of practitioners is also very different than it was when the ancient masters discovered the usefulness of pressure point fighting. Martial arts is now studied and practiced less as a holistic life course, and more as a recreational activity.

Once, students trained six or more hours a day. Now training is limited to maybe a few times a week, or less. This affects the way we are able to use and implement the strategies of dim mak.

Although the two basic categorisation of pressure points, according to the effects they have on the body, remains unchanged, the evolution of the art and the human race has meant that adjustments in terms of re-categorising based on their effectiveness and use in various situations have changed. Hence the reason why the books and DVDs I bring to you on the theory and practice of pressure points must reflect today's environment. Repeating the ancient indications would make the art of pressure point fighting ineffective.

This does not diminish the art in anyway, in fact evolving theory and teaching ensures that pressure point defence retains its effectiveness. Without change modern practitioners would need to duplicate the circumstances and training of the Shaolin for pressure points to be effective, and eventually the art would die out.

Keeping up with the changes in circumstance and situation, ensures that dim mak remains an effective art of self-defence and healing, now and in the future.

Interested in learning about the best dim mak pressure points for self defence?

Top 36 Secret Shaolin Pressure Points.

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  2. The saying "Never Harm Earth Element" in Dim mak pressure points fighting is important when you refer to the Five Elements (five energies) energic model. One of the main reasons is that this pressure point is an earth point on an earth meridian. Read more about Stomach 36 Zu san Li
  3. Dim Mak pressure point Three Heater 10 is not a dangerous point, it is not a point that causes serious injury or death. It is the milder of the two points on the back of the upper arm. Below is an account of its effectiveness.

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