Dim Mak Pressure Points Principles of Application
The 10 Commandments

This article explains the 10 Commandments or principles of application in dim mak. This, being the backbone of presure point fighting, it offers the guidelines necessary to ensure you use pressure points for maximum efectiveness.

As with all things, you are only as good as your basics. Students of martial arts will know exactly what I mean, for example Kung Fu students will be well aware that if their horse, cat and dragon stances are not strong, then their art will not be strong. Dim mak is no exception.

If you like, you can consider these ten principles the 'backbone' of pressure point fighting. Until you become a master of pressure points, if you're not keeping these in mind, then you're not using DM to its maximum effectiveness, and you may very well be putting your safety at risk.

Reading through these frequently, until they are entrenched in your memory, and consciously practicing them in practical sessions, will ensure that they become unconsciously part of your applications.

They will be as ingrained as remembering to put toothpaste on your toothbrush before brushing your teeth, as putting your socks on before your shoes. In kung fu terms they'll become as second nature as remembering to keep your other guard up when delivering a punch.

If you follow these guidelines in order when practicing pressure point defence, you'll maximise your effectiveness:

  1. Do NOT put yourself at risk - don't off-balance yourself and don't use flashy techniques - the aim is to be effective.
  2. Put your best foot forward - in other words use your best side - if you're right-handed, use your right hand, arm or elbow and follow up with the left, in this way you deliver your strongest defence.
  3. Don't rush - aim for controlled speed, accuracy and clarity of technique
  4. Go with the flow - resistance will only increase the resistance against you
  5. Choose the closest target - aim for what is close and accessible
  6. Choose the easiest target (pressure point) that gives maximum results
  7. Choose unprotected targets (pressure points)
  8. Do not hit a point that you cannot see - if you can't see it the chance of striking the point effectively is very low, so keep your eyes on the point you are planning to use.
  9. Laser beam focus on the point - use your third eye to hone in and visualize the point FIRST.
  10. Use the 5 KiSSSSS
    - Select points wisely
    - Simple ... keep the art of pressure point fighting simple
    - Suddenness (add surprise into your defence)
    - Simultaneous techniques
    - Speed - be fast, but not sloppy. Correct technique and clarity of movement produces speed.

Remembering these 10 principles of dim mak will teach you accuracy, focus and effectiveness while increasing your power and proficiency when using pressure points.

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