Dim Mak Self Defence
How to use Pressure Points

For self defence, here are some special dim mak pressure points techniques you can use to defend yourself quickly, effectively and safely irrespective of your age, size or sex.

In pressure points training, two aspects of self defence, or self defense, are taught. The first is to use one or more pressure points to physically disable your attacker so you cannot be harmed. Apart from the classes offered at the Golden Lion Academy, these techniques are normally not included in most ordinary martial arts classes.

The other is the self healing component of dim mak, and that is to be able to defend or protect yourself against invading illnesses or to reduce damage to your body as you become older and weaker.

The reality today is that you and your family can be subjected to a violent situation anytime when you are at home, at work or in the street.

So what can you do to adequately protect yourself against these thugs or muggers? What can you do to help yourself?

Are there special techniques you could use to defend yourself quickly, effectively and safely ...irrespective of your sex, size or age?

The answer is : YES!

Dim Mak Pressure Points Dai Sifu Pier Tsui-Po demonstrates Old Bladder 40 point with CV 17 combinatio

Dim mak focuses on accuracy, timing, and ‘efficiency’ when delivering a telling blow in self defence. As we age we naturally tend to lose speed, power and agility; however with correct training, accuracy and efficiency you can improve with age and experience thus putting the odds back in your favour.

It is not just about the pressure points; it is also about how certain pressure points should be hit or seized in a quick and accurate way; and how to move to apply the points for maximum effectiveness. These secret techniques were only taught to a few privileged masters. You can be one of the few people in the world today who will know how to use pressure points correctly.

The movements of DM do not require great flexibility or agility so you can continue training to a very advanced age. You can also adapt your particular style of martial arts self defence with DM.

The biggest benefit of learning DM is that it will enable you to become a better fighter even as you get older. It was created to enable an older, slower or weaker practitioner to defeat a younger, stronger and faster aggressor. Imagine how much more effective you will be if you incorporate its principles into your current fighting style or self defence programme.

First, get started by knowing the
Top 36 Deadly Pressure Points

These are the 36 Deadliest Pressure Points, revealed in a unique and concise way to help you learn and remember important information quickly.

This is a set of 40 double-sided large study cards by Dr Tsui-Po; it is an excellent quick reference guide that can be carried and used anywhere. An invaluable tool that will make your martial arts stronger and deadlier.

Please note that this resource is only available through us here at our Golden Lion Academy's secured website.

And I hear you ask this question:

"What if I am older, weaker or if I am not a trained professional fighter?"

Here's the answer.

Dim mak uses minimum force to get maximum results

Si Jie Joey Baful backfist on pressure point Tai Yang

We have found that students who are much smaller are suddenly able to defend themselves more effectively against larger and stronger opponents.

The application of certain DM pressure points techniques can save your life because the correct application of pressure points will maximise your natural power, increasing your power by at least 10 times or more.

What's more, if you are already a martial arts practitioner, DM techniques will help you triple the effectiveness of your techniques ... overnight !

So don't risk your safety by relying on pressure points information taught to you by an inferior or unqualified teacher. Click on this next link to read about How to Choose a Martial Arts Pressure Points Teacher or Master.

In the next few weeks, you'll be able to click here to read much more about dim mak self defence.

Finally, please be aware that in a violent situation, your life will depend on your knowledge of DM pressure points and whether or not you know how to use pressure points correctly to defend yourself and your family.

You actually get better the more you practice dim mak. And as you get older, you also get better at it; thereby following in the footsteps of the ancient masters.

For class times and fees, please call us on our central telephone number 9796-1066 or email us through our contact-us form.

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