Dim Mak strikes can kill and heal.

by Jim G.
(Colorado, U.S.A.)

Dim Mak strikes can both kill and heal. In 2009, I participated in a 6-day combat training exercise at a remote site. This was training was full contact training with open hand and weapons, no pads, on the open field, in the water, in the forest, during the day and at night.

During a fighting in the water drill, the Chief Instructor came to me and asked me if I could help one of the students. I’ve had Paramedic training. (I worked on 23 people during the 6 days of training.) The Chief Instructor took me to the student and introduced me.

The student is a male about 45 years old in good condition. I asked what he was having trouble with and how did it happen. He said that he was on the ground facing the sky when another student fell on him striking him with the point of his elbow. He pointed to the strike area which is at about 4 Cum Lateral of his right shoulder and 3 Cun Inferior indicating Zhong Fu (Lung 1).

The strike took place about an hour earlier during an open field hand-to-hand multiple attacker combat training drill. He said that he was only able to take shallow breaths and that each one hurt like hell every time he took a breath. He also said that there was an extremely high level of continuous plain in the strike area.

I asked if I could touch him. He said yes. I began by placing my right hand palm on Lung 1 in the front and my left hand palm on his back opposite the Lung 1 point to sense how the energy of the strike entered his body, how deep it went and where it was centered. The strike was affecting his right lung, top of the lobe. I reached in using energy through the palms and began pulling the strike resident energy from the lung up towards the entry point. It required several attempts before the energy began to move as it was already affecting the lung closing it down.

Once I concentrated most of the strike energy at the entry point, I told the student that I was going to help him with some healing (full details have been omitted for safety reasons. After that,
he was able to do this breathing cycle. I asked him to do a slightly deeper breath with each cycle. He did and continued to do several more breaths making each one deeper as I removed the remaining energy. When I stopped I asked him how he felt. He said that the technique I gave him was the worse one he had ever received in his life but that the pain in the shoulder was significantly reduced and he could now breathe easier and more deeply.

I told him that it would take about two days before he would be able to participate in the remaining training drills but told him that he should do what ever he felt comfortable with and stop if he felt pain in the shoulder or can only take shallow breaths.

I checked on him at lunch then next day. He said that he was much better and was able to get some sleep although there was still some pain in the shoulder that woke him up a couple of times. His breathing had improved and was able to take much deeper breaths. On the second day after the trauma event and treatment, he was having dinner at the Instructor’s table smiling and laughing deeply. A sign that he had recovered from the strike and the treatment did no harm. Do you know how much stress is placed on the lungs when you laugh? A lot! If nothing had been done most likely he would have continued to accumulate fluid into his right lung and perhaps contract Pneumonia possibly resulting in death.

A Western trained Doctor may not have been able to determine the source of the affliction and how to properly treat it. A Doctor with a Traditional Asian Medical background in addition to Western Medical Training would be better able to recognized the cause administering a proper recovery protocol.

With great respect.

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