Dim Mak Pressure Points Testimonials
Ghost Hands Course

Below are some Dim Mak testimonials from various paticipants who have studied the Ghost Hands course. Please note that where necessary, we have substituted the words dim mak with DM.

" Dr Pier Tsui-Po,

I just came back from the east coast and your lesson was waiting for me to view, I have had the pleasure to view all of the lessons presented this session and I was excited to get everyone. They have been very informative and a pleasure to view. As a martial artist I have found this information quite valuable and presented in a fashion that is responsible and Authentic.

I highly recommend anyone that is interested and polishing their skill to a whole new level give your lesson a try. I have enjoyed my studies there in person with you and these lessons. You are a True Legend of Dim Mak and I look forward To my future studies.

Thank You,"

Charles E. Lucas, Instructor, U.S.A


" I recently attended an intensive DM course in Melbourne Australia with Dai Si Fu Tsui-Po at his school. I found this course life changing. It has enabled me to teach my style of martial arts in a “complete manner.”

Techniques were explained and strategies were shown, I now know I have the tools to take my students and my own training to the next level.

In all my years of training, which at this point is 29 years - I have never gained so much knowledge and sense of achievement from a course.

My comparison with your other course in Los Angeles, is that this course was precise in delivery; there was no stone left unturned. Hand outs were a bonus because it allowed me as a student in DM to spend more time focusing and digesting the concepts of Dim Mak instead of rushing to make notes that I possibly wouldn’t understand later on. If and where possible I would like all courses to stay on this level. Congratulations on a course well run."

Derek Smith, Leicester UK
5th Dan Kick-Boxing and 3rd Degree Kung-Fu
29th September 2007


"About the course "Ghost Hands" I really found it clear, direct to the point and full of information. I can see you put of lot of effort to make it understandable and easy to follow. I am really happy I have the chance to study it, and it is something I'm doing seriously and with passion because I can see something special in it and I am looking forward to get to the 2nd course. Grandmaster Dr Tsui Po, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Sincerely."

Fabio Giordani, Italy, 2nd Dan Wado-Ryu Karate-Do, 12 sl Wing-Tsun Italy


"An absolutely outstanding contribution to the further development and understanding of martial arts. This course should be compulsory for all martial arts practitioners. It provides a depth of knowledge and vital information that other publications do not offer. A superior course that gives you the blue print to pressure point fighting. Grandmaster Tsui-Po's manual is clearly a cut above the rest. I strongly recommend it to you."

Si Gung Richard Tsui-Po, Kung Fu Chief Instructor, 7th Degree


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