Pain Compliance

by Kurt (Sam) Hearth
(Atlantic Beach, FL, United States)

Dim mak pressure points application during actual incidents and gaining compliance, such as in police work.

The most effective point I have applied during physical confrontations that have gone to the ground, is the area, hollow behind the ear lobe near the jawbone. I have observed my opponents have experienced extreme pain, and almost immediate compliance to my instructions. This response includes verbal testimony on the part of the subject.

From my experience, in the law enforcement venue, the easiest and most effective points to attack are the simplest to locate and manipulate. Especially due to the physical size and strength of subjects coupled with the possibility of narcotic influence.

Of course, practice plays a very important role, but in some areas this is left to the individual's preference. The main comment being the extent of workload placed upon the street officer.

Is there a possibility of a reference available, that might address this dilemma. Such as a list of points that would provide compliance with a minimum of exertion.

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