The Top 36 Secret Shaolin
Dim Mak Pressure Points

These are the 36 Deadliest Pressure Points, revealed in a unique and concise way to help you learn and remember important information quickly.

This is a set of 40 double-sided large study cards by Dr Tsui-Po; it is an excellent quick reference guide that can be carried and used anywhere. An invaluable tool that will make your martial arts stronger and deadlier.

Please note that this resource is only available through us here at our Golden Lion Academy's secured website.

Imagine all the secrets, without the irrelevant information, plus the 36 deadliest points at your fingertips…

The Top 36 Secret Shaolin Dim Mak Pressure Points

In ancient times, the art of dim mak was known to consist of 108 different pressure points. Authentic dim mak comprises many more than these.

The 108 points are classified into two sets. The first set is known as the "36 vital points" or the "36 main points". The second set is a list of secondary points that make up the remaining 72 vital points.

Over the centuries there have been many variations in the list of 36 points. In fact all texts, both ancient and modern, documenting the 36 points contradict each other enormously. None fully explain how and why these points work the way they do. They are full of inaccurate information, contradictions and errors leading to confusion, ambiguity and a sense of loss.

Now Grandmaster Tsui-Po, the first master to reveal the secrets of authentic dim mak has stripped away every non-essential element. For the first time, the 36 deadliest and most effective pressure points in the world, named by ancient texts such as the Bubishi, Shaolin training manuals and others, are accurately compiled and set out in a quick and simple way to supercharge your learning.

Grandmaster Tsui-Po has chosen 36 points than can be used in our modern society today. Keep in mind that some old points named in ancient training manuals, for example Kidney 1 Yong Quan located under the sole of the feet, are no longer easily accessible in modern society. So Dr Tsui-Po has substituted the next best point based on his 35 years of practical experience teaching dim mak. These old points are, of course, revealed to you.

Here's what other martial arts masters say about the Top 36 Secret Shaolin Pressure Points

--- "A note of thanks and appreciation for your Top 36 Secret Shaolin Pressure Points. They were and are super excellent beyond my wildest expectations." Ken Haugland, 7th Degree Black Belt, USA

--- "You have done a fantastic job in creating the flash cards for the Top 36 points. The information is presented in a very clear, easy to understand manner. I am so thankful that you have made this information available to us". Dr George Schultz, USA

Convenient and Easy to use anywhere... anytime

Specially compiled into a convenient and easy to use set of 40 cards, each 210 x 148 mm, these cards will jump-start your study of pressure points from day one. Learn everything relevant quickly and effectively, without wading through pages of inaccurate and contradictory information. The cards are an excellent quick reference guide that can be used anywhere.

Disclosing ancient classical points plus the most effective modern points, each and every point is revealed in a unique and concise way to help you learn and remember them. This invaluable tool will make your style of martial arts stronger and deadlier. It features:

  • Detailed and accurate diagrams and locations of all 36 points
  • Classification into easily identifiable levels of danger and effectiveness
  • In depth descriptions and consequences of injury to all points
  • Dr Tsui-Po's unique "quick location guide" developed exclusively for martial artists
  • Commentary and real life experience based on 35 years dim mak teaching experience
  • ......And much more!

From the moment you get your copy, you'll receive invaluable knowledge, boosting your martial arts to the next level. Find out all the secrets and the 36 deadliest pressure points by ordering your copy today.

About Pressure Points Grandmaster, Dr Pier Tsui-Po

Dr Tsui-Po is the leading authority on authentic dim mak pressure points for self defence and healing in the martial arts. A unique, humble and eminent teacher, he is a much respected and widely consulted authority. He offers knowledge that is not taught anywhere else by any other teacher.

In his books, DVDs, courses and seminars, he makes it easy for you to understand, learn and remember the techniques from the ancient art of dim mak. He is able to reveal to you, clearly and precisely, how to use each pressure point correctly, when to use them, when NOT to use them, all the while explaining in detail the complex theories and inner workings of dim mak.

With over 50 years of experience in Chinese martial and healing arts, his total knowledge of dim mak, martial arts, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is unparalled. He is regarded by students and teachers as "The Real McCoy", teaching students from 36 countries.

So take advantage of this opportunity and learn the ancient art of dim mak pressure points - find out all the secrets that only a few chosen masters were priviledged to know.

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The Top 36 Secret Shaolin Dim Mak Pressure Points

This set of cards can be carried with you to class, on the train or on the bus so that you can review or test yourself regularly. That way you'll reiforce your learning.

You have the cards for a lifetime and you’ll also be able to refer to it everyday if you want.

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