Pressure Points Ghost Hands
Dim Mak for Self Defence
and the Martial Arts
Two Instructional DVDs and Workbook

A ruthless and direct fighting strategy targeting specific pressure points, the Ghost Hands of dim mak teaches you self defence techniques from the ancient art of Death Touch. It is suitable for all martial arts practitioners.

Nowadays, we do not use this technique to kill. Instead, when we have to defend ourselves, we must have an effective technique in order to conserve energy and reduce the risk of injury. In other words, you need to be able to defend yourself quickly and easily without the need for awesome strength. The Ghost Hands of Dim Mak will help you achieve that.

In Ghost Hands you learn precise techniques and speed of delivery. Power is generated through your internal Chi (or Ki), and this power is directed with special stepping methods, techniques and pressure points. It is a ruthless and direct fighting strategy targeting specific Ghost Hands points. The technique delivery is so fast that opponents cannot react in time to defend themselves, hence the title Ghost Hands.

Please note this programme is only available through us here at our Golden Lion Academy's secured website.

Ghost Hands Dim Mak for Self Defence  and the Martial Arts

This Ghost Hands programme teaches you the valued martial arts philosophy of 'One Encounter One Chance'. In ancient times, Ghost Hands personified the ancient art of the Death Touch, when warriors used one blow to stop (or kill) an enemy in battle. This is Dim Mak's defence strategy that teaches you to defeat an attacker with one single technique, with devastating effectiveness.

Power in Your Hands

Ghost Hands includes the unique delivery of power generated as a result of the way internal Chi energy is used to overcome an opponent and defeat him. This is Dim Mak's ruthless and direct defence strategy that teaches you to defeat an attacker with one single technique.

In ancient times students of Dim Mak would continue their study with Ghost Hands to help them focus on accurately striking one point at a time, and on choosing the point that causes the most damage to an attacker. Hence the reason for first choosing a single point that will give the best possible outcome with the least effort in self defence.

You can learn the Ghost Hands in your own time or you can attend Face-to-Face instruction during seminar master class as offered from time to time.

Learning correctly and from a reliable source is important for you to gain life-lasting respect in society, so that you can gain support from your peers, and receive accreditation and recognition for your studies from your teacher. 

Contents of Ghost Hands of Dim Mak Pressure Points Programme

Practical Applications Module 1, 2 and 3. Topics include:

  • Location of all 30 special points of Ghost Hands
  • In-depth explanation of the Consequences of injury to all points
  • Charts giving accurate diagrams and locations of the 30 pressure points of ghost hands
  • Principles of application
  • The Three Zones of Ghost Hands Dim Mak
  • Stepping methods of Ghost Hands
  • Essential techniques used in Ghost Hands defence
  • Internal Breathing and Conditioning Exercises for the development of internal power and prevention of illness
  • External Conditioning to develop external power and to harden the fist and palm
  • Dim Mak practical applications to the points on the head
  • Dim Mak practical applications to the points on the torso
  • Dim Mak practical applications to the points on the lower abdomen
  • Dim Mak practical applications to the points on the legs
  • Ghost Hands Defence Strategies
  • Ghost Hands Point combinations
  • Combination techniques of Ghost Hands
  • How to use multiple points
  • How to move internal energy and increase power
  • How to increase accuracy while targeting points

The aim is for you to know and use all Ghost Hands points, techniques and practical applications.

Although you may be familiar with some of the techniques as they are common to all martial arts styles, certain techniques are exclusively the domain of dim mak. In addition, the special method used in the delivery of some common techniques is also dim mak's domain.

Ghost Hands theory and philosophy are taught. They are also reinforced through these essential techniques.

Here are some feedback about the Ghost Hands Course:

"About the course Ghost Hands I really found it clear, direct to the point and full of information. I can see you put of lot of effort to make it understandable and easy to follow. I am really happy I have the chance to study it, and it is something I'm doing seriously and with passion because I can see something special in it and I am looking forward to get to the 2nd course. Grandmaster Dr Tsui Po, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Sincerely."

Fabio Giordani, Italy, 2nd Dan Wado-Ryu Karate-Do, 12 sl Wing-Tsun Italy

About Pressure Points Teacher 
Dr Pier Tsui-Po

Grandmaster Tsui-Po is the leading authority on authentic dim mak pressure points for self defence and healing in the martial arts. A unique, humble and eminent teacher, he is a much respected and widely consulted authority. He offers knowledge that is not taught anywhere else by any other teacher.

In his books, DVDs, courses and seminars, he makes it easy for you to understand, learn and remember the techniques from the ancient art of dim mak pressure points. He is able to reveal to you, clearly and precisely, how to use each pressure point correctly, when to use them, when NOT to use them, all the while explaining in detail the complex theories and inner workings of dim mak.

With over 50 years of experience in Chinese martial and healing arts, his total knowledge of dim mak, martial arts, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is unparalled. He is regarded by students and teachers as "The Real McCoy" and currently teaches students in 36 countries.

So take advantage of this opportunity and learn the ancient art of dim mak pressure points - find out all the secrets that only a few chosen masters were priviledged to know.

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Ghost Hands Dim Mak for Self Defence  and the Martial Arts

The aim of this programme is to train you to become proficient with dim mak pressure points. You will learn dim mak theory, its unique practical applications and special strategies that have been kept secret for centuries.

All teaching materials are presented to you clearly and precisely so that it is easy for you to incorporate dim mak into your existing martial arts style. And if you do not train in any specific style, you are welcome to use our curriculum for your personal advancement and training.

Try it. You'll be amazed at how good you can be.

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  • Includes Two instructional DVDs and one workbook.

***** Please note that assessment and certification in any one of our programmes, including Ghost Hands, are NOT part of this DVD, they are held at our training centre in Melbourne Australia and only during Face-to-Face intensive training seminar. ******

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