The Pressure Points Manual: 
Dim Mak Art and Science
Fully Explained

Crammed full of the most powerful pressure points known to man, this manual is the major reference work on Dim Mak consisting of 546 pages (21 x 29 cm) of clear, precise, high quality information and diagrams with locations of points. It includes real life cases of fighters struck on dim mak points plus a tutorial to assist in your learning process. A 'must have' for all martial arts practitioners.

Please note that this manual is only available through us here at our Golden Lion Academy's secured website.

The Dim Mak Manual Art and Science of Deadly Pressure Point Fighting

A manual you will refer to during your Entire Lifetime - A Course in 9 Lessons

Grandmaster Tsui-Po shares with you the authentic secrets of dim mak vital point striking as they were taught centuries ago. It has taken Grandmaster Tsui-Po over 40 years to unlock the deepest secrets of dim mak points.

A unique, humble, eminent teacher, and a much respected and widely consulted authority, his experience in dim mak, martial arts and acupuncture are unequalled. He has been called the "The Real McCoy" and the "Best of the Best".

This Manual is the only way for you to learn the authentic, traditional art of dim mak without access to a trained instructor schooled in this art with ten years or more of pressure points study. It is considered the "Bible of Dim Mak". It gives you access to, and the full benefit of, Dr. Tsui-Po's knowledge and experience.

Discover which points to use, and those to avoid, how and why they work. Explore the secrets to harness your internal energy, increase your power and improve your focus, regardless of the style of martial arts you practice.

This manual clears up many misconceptions, myths and lies that you may have read or heard. Here are just a few:

  • that dim mak and acupuncture is the same thing and that they are interchangeable - this is false, Dr Tsui-Po will teach you the differences, especially in the areas of application
  • "set-up" points and "knock out" points - major differences exist in their applications and the outcome you'll get with these points
  • 5 elements cycle of destruction - there are many silly inventions out there about the 5 elements
  • diurnal cycle of Chi flow - again many teachers are misguided about the correct application of this strategy
  • attack the left and right side of the body to represent Yin and Yang - a childish way to think about yin and yang and it is absolutey incorrect
  • and many more incorrect concepts and misunderstandings - so be careful, your health and life can be at risk with incorrect information.

Find out:

  • the time-saving tips to easily know which points to use, WHEN to use them, when not to use them, WHY they work and HOW they work
  • the same time-saving and street-effective pressure point techniques that have proven to be real lifesavers for many people over the years
  • the most powerful dim mak strategies that'll give you extra power, speed, confidence and self esteem
  • a new meaning to your martial arts
  • increased accuracy and focus, in a new way that will fascinate your friends or colleagues.

Maximise your power

  • You'll increase your power by at least 10 times or more!
  • You'll easily integrate your new wisdom with your current knowledge of martial arts! And if you do not train in any specific style, you are welcome to use our courses for your personal advancement and training.

Crammed full of the most powerful pressure points known to man

This manual offers clear, precise and authentic information, with diagrams and locations of points. It is a structured step-by-step programme through 9 lessons that include foundations, theories, practical applications and real life instances of people struck on dim mak vital points (see below for chapter details).

Below are just two of hundreds of testimonials about this manual.

"Cannot find detailed, accurate, revealing, well accomplished manual anywhere else"

"I am both a doctor; law enforcement officer and martial artist. I have studied several styles of martial arts over the years and have been pursuing the art of Dim Mak over the last few. Nowhere have I found a more detailed, accurate, revealing and well accomplished manual such as your "Art and Science of Deadly Pressure Point Fighting." You have given back to the martial arts what has been hidden; coveted; protected and withheld for so many years. You have put the "effectiveness" back in the art.

Your understanding of science, medicine and spirituality only enhance your work. I train police, military and protection specialists the martial arts as a profession. Your work will definitely penetrate their ranks and enhance these warriors as well. Thank you for your great contribution to life and to the martial arts." Special Agent Joseph F. Bannon, Ph.D., Grandmaster and Chief of Defensive Tactics, Former United States Presidential Bodyguard

"Found the most accurate body of knowledge after searching for over 35 years"

"Dr Tsui-Po's course is the most comprehensive and scientifically accurate body of knowledge on pressure point fighting that I have ever found in over 35 years of martial arts study and research. The information is presented in a clear and easy to follow methodology and its application practical and extremely effective. I commend Grandmaster Tsui-Po for sharing his extensive knowledge with the martial arts community. His invaluable contribution has enriched all of us." Grandmaster John Pellegrini, 8th Dan, USA

Contents of The Dim Mak Manual Course Overview

Lesson 1: Revealing the Secret

  • Essential Foundations that are important in your study of dim mak
  • Illnesses and symptoms caused by a pressure point strike with reference to their Oriental and Western medical terms
  • Origin and development of pressure points in martial arts
  • The Taoist viewpoint of health and disease
  • Anatomical reference for the flow of Chi, vital energy (Ki), and for quick, accurate and easy point location
  • Special definitions of pressure point names
  • How dim mak points are selected
  • Comparison: the points used today compared to those of centuries ago

Lesson 2: Traumatology of Pressure Point Fighting

  • More Vital Points used in pressure point fighting and how they cause injury to the mind and body
  • How to activate the points
  • The 34 exclusive targets used in Pressure Point Fighting (these are not pressure points) using the "Principles of pressure point application"
  • Exercises to build your power in dim mak
  • The Four types of injury in pressure point fighting or defence
  • The Eleven Types of Disharmony that cause illness or death when the body has been struck
  • The various types of trauma that can arise when vital points are struck

Lesson 3: Chi - Discover how Chi (Ki) is used in dim mak and learn the points that are used to destroy or even stop this life force

  • Learn the flow and sources of Chi in humans
  • Discover exactly what Chi Vital Life Force Energy really is and how it sustains life and health
  • The various types of Chi and their functions
  • Discover how Chi (Ki) and the 24-hour clock are used to calculate the Death Touch
  • The Midday-Midnight law and which points are not effective
  • Find out which points to hit and how, how to use them and the consequences of injury to these points
  • Know the features of each point, how they promote and advance health and well being

Lesson 4: Yin and Yang - Chi and Blood

  • Learn how the principles of Yin and Yang is used in pressure point fighting and learn the secret dim mak points that destroy them
  • How Yin and Yang relate to the foundation of life and their effect on mind and body
  • Discover the 6 fundamental principles of Yin and Yang
  • How to use Yin and Yang in pressure point defence
  • Learn the location, meaning, features and consequences of the 14 points that destroy Yin, Yang, Chi and Blood
  • How to use the multiple point selection system

Lesson 5: Learn how the Law of the Five Elements is used in dim mak

  • Discover the influence of the Five Elements on health and disease and the relationship to self-healing
  • How the Five Elements are linked to Tao, Yin, Yang, Chi, nature and the human body
  • Wu Xing 5 Elements in pressure point defence, how this system has evolved and developed
  • How Chi (Ki) of the body flows within the Five Elements cycle
  • How to counteract the normal cycle of Chi Flow under this system
  • The laws and how to hit the points under the command of the Five Elements
  • Find out the location and health features of 60 Wu Xing points
  • Learn how to calculate exactly how and when to hit these points and the consequences that can arise

Lesson 6: Meridians and Counterflow Technique

  • Learn all the meridians that are used in pressure point fighting, how to use them and the secret dim mak points that counters the natural flow of energy in the body
  • Find out the meaning of meridians, what and where they are, how they are affected by injury and how they promote health and life
  • Find out exactly how Chi flows in the body - that way you'll know how to affect Chi flow or even stop the flow of Chi altogether
  • Find out the 12 principal bilateral meridians, the 12 divergent meridians, the 15 luo connectingmeridians, the 12 tendino-muscular meridians and the 8 extra vessels
  • How to use the 14 main meridians and 29 unique dim mak points that adversely affect them
  • The delayed death touch - how it works
  • The Counterflow Technique - how it causes injury and death and its application
  • Learn techniques to incorporate the Counterflow technique into your martial arts
  • Find the 23 Special points used in the Counterflow technique, their features and consequences

Lesson 7: Dim Mak to the Internal Organs

  • Find out the secret techniques used by ancient dim mak masters, how they destroyed the internal organs
  • Find out how the major organs of the body work
  • Learn about the functions of your Zang Fu Yin Yang internal organs and their mechanisms in health and disease
  • Why injury occurs when a person is hit on a pressure point
  • Yin Yang - the partners in dim mak
  • Find out the Zang and Fu Organs and how they work
  • The 6 points that destroy the Yang organs, their location, meaning, features, and consequences when hit
  • The 8 points that destroy the Yin organs, their location, meaning, features, and consequences when hit

Lesson 8: The Most Destructive Points - the most important vital points that you should know about

  • Find the 41 most destructive points throughout the body
  • Learn their location, meaning, features and consequences when hit

Lesson 9: The definitive study guide for the study of dim mak pressure points in the martial arts

  • Check your knowledge and test yourself - a great tool for students and teachers of martial arts
  • Simple exercises to help you remember the course
  • 295 true/false questions to test yourself
  • 114 short essay questions including location of points

About Grandmaster Tsui-Po

Dr Tsui-Po is the leading authority on authentic dim mak pressure points for self defence and healing in the martial arts. A unique, humble and eminent teacher, he is a much respected and widely consulted authority. He offers knowledge that is not taught anywhere else by any other teacher.

In his books, DVDs, courses and seminars, he makes it easy for you to understand, learn and remember the techniques from the ancient art of dim mak. He is able to reveal to you, clearly and precisely, how to use each pressure point correctly, when to use them, when NOT to use them, all the while explaining in detail the complex theories and inner workings of dim mak.

With over 50 years of experience in Chinese martial and healing arts, his total knowledge of dim mak, martial arts, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is unparalled. He is regarded by students and teachers as "The Real McCoy" and currently teaches students in 36 countries.

So take advantage of this opportunity and learn the ancient art of dim mak pressure points - find out all the secrets that only a few chosen masters were priviledged to know.

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